Roy Peterson

After being a Foreman with Homeco Insulation/Vesta Firestopping for nearly 10 years, I have moved into the role of Project Manager/Estimator.  Throughout my 22+ year career in the field, I have developed many great relationships with so many of the people that I worked with on countless projects.  I have worked hard to earn and maintain their confidence and plan to continue that in my new role with the many clients that I have interacted in the past and look forward to working with new clients as well.

I was basically raised on a jobsite.  The family-owned excavation company, started by my Grandfather and mostly employed family, was where my Dad worked and he would take me to different jobsites and explain what they were accomplishing. By the end of my sophomore year in high school, I was old enough to go to work for that company during my school vacations.  The lessons and the work were much harder than I’d anticipated but I learned the ropes and stayed for 7 years until I moved to Minnesota.

After relocating to the Twin Cities, I eventually went to work cleaning, welding and maintaining concrete forms.  From that position I was asked to go to drafting school to learn drafting/estimating and moved into that role at the same time I started school.  I also learned a great deal about customer service and really enjoyed the interaction, being able to provide them with the equipment they needed to perform their job in the way that they intended.  When that role ended, due to corporate downsizing, I opted to try another field and took a job with a small insulation company insulating single and multi-family homes.  That eventually lead to my joining the Carpenter’s Union in 1999 and making the change to commercial insulation and firestopping.  Once I started learning the nuances of the life-safety aspects, I made it a point to install the systems to the best of my ability and when I was elevated to the position of foreman, I  trained other installers to do likewise.  My work became more diverse and began to include waterproofing and weather barriers where I took the same approach to installing correctly.

When training, I’ve always explained that we are on the site for a reason, not just a paycheck.  The customers who hire us pay a lot of money and deserve the best work we can do for them.  I believe respect is essential in all aspects of work, and life in general.  At work, the people you work for, around and with are all deserving of respect.  Away from work, respect for others is what makes you a good person worthy of the respect of others.

Away from my work life, my Wife and I enjoy our pets: cats and mostly BIG dogs!  And, during football season, you’ll find me on the party bus or at the stadium.  As a former gigging rock vocalist, I have recently dusted off my mic stand and rehearsed with a couple groups.  Nothing too serious, but it’s still a lot of fun!

You can reach Roy at 763.244.2293.