We Can Meet All Your Firestopping Needs

Vesta brings 26 years of construction expertise to our projects. Our customers appreciate our sincere customer service and results-oriented approach.

Through Penetrations

  • Blanks
  • Metallic Pipes
  • Non-Metallic Pipes
  • Cables
  • Cable Trays
  • Insulated Pipes
  • Busways
  • HVAC Ducts
  • Combos

Joint Treatments

  • Floor-to-Floor
  • Floor-to-Wall
  • Head-of-Wall
  • Wall-to-Wall
  • Perimeter Joint

Protective Wraps

  • Grease Duct Wrap Systems
  • Ventilation Duct Systems
  • Chemical Fume Exhaust Systems
  • Through Penetration Systems
  • Fire Barrier Plenum Wrap

Electrical Outlet Box Systems

Additionally our affiliate companies, Homeco Insulation can help you with:

  • Curtain wall insulation
  • Thermal and sound attenuation insulation
  • Closed-cell sprayed polyurethane foam

Firestopping for General Contractors

Vesta Firestopping is your single source for professional installation of firestopping materials. Our expertly trained staff offers you many advantages over installations performed by non-qualified personnel. We can increase your confidence in the fire compartment integrity of commercial or residential building while reducing liability.

Vesta Firestopping is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise and Small Business Enterprise.

Professionally installed firestopping is a critical element in the life safety design of your building. Properly installed firestopping reduces the spread of fire, smoke and combustion by-products. The outcome is the control of fire, smoke and gas transmission. It also reduces the severity and liability associated with fire-related incidents.

All firestopping should be installed in strict accordance with local building codes and National Fire protection (NFPA) guidelines as well as manufacturer specifications by qualified carpenters.

Small & Woman-Owned Business Certification Letter

Qualified Installation Equals Value for You

As a single source contractor we can eliminate the risk of hiring non-qualified installers. We provide professionally trained installers for every project. Our knowledge of firestopping applications and procedures means you will receive timely installations of excellent quality with fewer change orders when you work with us. Additionally, we provide “As-Built” drawings for firestop systems ensuring you have accurate records to transition to your customers.