What is the importance of firestop?

It has been demonstrated that active fire prevention systems like smoke detectors, alarms and sprinklers can fail due to a loss of power, water pressure, or inadequate maintenance. When these systems fail, the results can be disastrous. Firestopping materials are effectively used as a passive fire prevention system to compartmentalize and contain fire, keeping it from migrating from one room to another, or from one floor to another, and preventing the passage of fire, smoke, and combustion by-products.

All firestopping should be installed in strict accordance with local building codes and National Fire protection (NFPA) guidelines as well as manufacturer specifications by qualified carpenters.

Which Firestop product has a 1 hour, 2 hour, or 3 hour rating?

This is a trick question: products do not carry ratings. Systems carry ratings.

What are the different kinds of Firestop technology?

Intumescent and ablative are the main technologies. Intumescent begins to expand when exposed to fire and/or heat. Ablative forms a hard char when exposed to fire.

What is the difference between CP 25WB+ red caulk and IC 15WB+ yellow caulk?

IC 15WB+ is approved by Novian for use on CPVC pipe and has approved UL systems up to 3 hours. CP 25WB+ has approved UL systems up to 4 hours.

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