Inspector Approved Curtain Wall Install at 10 West End

Roy received great feedback from an Inspector at the 10 West End Project.  He told me his favorite response to Inspectors when they say, “you make other Firestop Contractors look bad” is “no, they do that themselves”.  Roy takes pride in his work, making sure it’s done right as if it’s is own.

Vesta Passed Audit

Vesta Firestopping was consulted and contracted to review and inspect key firestop violations found during a federal audit at Colonial Acres Nursing Home. During our inspection & review process we were asked to bring 14 key tag violations up to code and perform a secondary review in preparation for a follow up state audit. All…

We are moving!

We are excited to announce we are relocating our main office and warehouse to Blaine later this month. Effective FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2013, mail and deliveries should be directed to the new address listed below. All phone and fax numbers remain unchanged. Please update your records to avoid any delay in service.